Customizable Website Design Made Easy

For the Modern Unique Ambitious Creative Motivated Online Based Business

Your Site Can Look Like a Million Bucks

Without the Hefty price Tag

option #1

  • Navigate all of the countless WordPress themes and pick one that you think may work for you.
  • Next, figure out how to customize that theme.
  • Learn a bit of coding for further customization.
  • Spend months stressing and wondering why your blog doesn’t look as amazing as you hoped.

Usually Blog Based Businesses Have Two Options....

option #2

  • Hire someone to design your WordPress blog for you.
  • This typically costs upwards of several thousands of dollars.
  • Also, this is typically done through coding, so if you want to make any changes later on, you will need to hire your blog designer to make these changes.  

Sounds Stressful, Right?

Well, we have some good news for you!

There's a new tree in the forest.....

The Spruced Up Template Collection is designed to be used in conjunction with Elementor Page Builder for WordPress.

These templates make it easy to create your on-brand blog which feels completely custom made.
You don’t need to learn any coding.
You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars.
And you can have your blog up and running in no time!

Here Are All The Goodies You Get with Each Template.....

Oh, and Also....

  • Access to our Spruced Up Blog support site which includes detailed videos and written walkthroughs on how to edit every little thing in your new blog template.
  • A responsive blog header and footer layout.
  • A fully responsive layout that works seamlessly between desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. 

Step One

Choose Your Bud

With our collection of layouts built for Elementor on WordPress, you are sure to find something that just shouts to the vibe you are going for with your blog based business.

Step Two