Hi Friend!
I'm Sarah

I am originally from outside of Boston but have since lived in Germany, Costa Rica, and now Denmark.

I started my first blog based business about five years ago.

It ultimately failed after a year of me trying to do everything and having no idea what I was actually doing.

But, I didn’t give up.

Since then, I have started three successful businesses based on a blog foundation.

I created Spruced Up Blog Templates because my first year of struggles were, like, really hard.

I wanted my blog to look amazing but, how can you do that when you are completely new to this whole blog based business thing?

I was constantly buying new blog themes with hopes that the next one would be easier to customize.

I was trying to learn coding, because I thought that was a thing I would need to edit my site as I wanted.

I was getting frustrated that things weren’t looking how I wanted them to on mobile and tablet.

….basically, I was at a loss.

I considered hiring someone to custom design my site for me, but that is so crazy expensive and I just couldn’t justify the cost when I wasn’t making any money yet. 

Plus, I wanted to learn how to be able to edit things myself. Like, what would I do every time I wanted to change a page? Would I pay a ton to have my web designer edit a page for me every time?

That just seemed a bit ridiculous. 

Eventually, I read somewhere about page builders and Elementor.

I tested it out and realized that this was exactly what I had been searching for. 

Learning the basics was easy. But, it is a product that offers so many customization options that I will admit I am always learning new things with Elementor, even though I use it every day.

So, after spending two years honing in on my Elementor skills I decided it was time to create ready made Elementor templates to help others.

I think that starting a blog based business was one of the best decision I ever made. I want that option to be available to you as well.

But, I don’t want you to get hung up on the whole design process and have that hold you back from realizing your dreams.

The Spruced Up Blog Templates are the exact product I wish I had discovered several years ago when I started blogging.  

Running a blog based business has blessed me with the best life. 

My husband and I spent four years living our best life in Costa Rica and traveling constantly.

I make more money than I ever imagined I could make on my own.

And I have the freedom to work when and on what I want.

2020 threw my husband and I into some turmoil. We were in different countries when borders closed and were apart for four months. We ultimately ended up having to give up our life in Costa Rica and moved to Denmark.

Now, you can find us living in our nice Copenhagen apartment enjoying a life that wasn’t planned, but is exactly what we need right now.  

I believe everything happens for a reason and I constantly look at the bright side of the lesson every bad thing teaches me. 

And I believe in taking risks, always.

We all create our own reality. Why not make yours the best possible reality you can imagine?

I Love.....