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A modern and clean blog layout design template that will leave your readers in awe.

Magnolia  was built with fashion in mind, but all websites will shine with this stunning layout.

Looks amazing on desktop, tablet, and mobile!

Here Are All The Goodies You Get.....

Oh, and Also....

  • Access to our Spruced Up Blog support site which includes detailed videos and written walkthroughs on how to edit every little thing in your new blog layout.
  • A fully responsive layout that works seamlessly between desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. 
  • Our Branding Cheat Sheet for Canva.
Now Only
$ 450
  • Great Deal!

Brand that Babe

Add On Package

Sales Page

Long form sales page designed to convert readers into loyal customers.

Media Kit

Three page media kit designed with Canva that can easily be customized.

Social Templates

Customizable Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest templates to make your brand shine

–This package can be added to your purchase for just $100 at check out (usually $180).

Ok, so, like.....

How Does This Work?

This is a fashion-inspired, creative, and responsive website layout.

It was designed to make your dream blog based business a reality in a short amount of time with ease.

All layouts are built on Elementor Pro page builder with WordPress with striving bloggers in mind.

No coding. No headaches. Just success.

Keep in mind that all layouts are built using Elementor Pro. Elementor Pro is a page builder designed for WordPress. It is awesome and we swear by it for bloggers who want an amazing responsive design, don’t want to break the bank, want to easily be able to edit things themselves, and take their blog based business seriously. 

Want to learn more about Elementor Pro?

Step One

Choose Your Bud

With our collection of layouts built for Elementor on WordPress, you are sure to find something that just shouts to the vibe you are going for with your blog based business.

Step Two

Water It

Upload your new blog layout to your WordPress site and customize it to make it your own. Have no fear, we have detailed guides to easily walk you through the whole process.

Step Three

Watch It Bloom

Pop that champagne (or whatever your vice might be) and breath a sigh of relief. Your website looks amazing! You can now focus on making your blog based business a complete success.

Oh, hi! I'm Sarah!

I believe that the only way to make your business a success is by having a website design that looks and acts in a professional manner. 

But, like, how do you do that?

Well, you could hire an expensive designer to create a custom site for you.

Or you could flail around and waste months and months on trying to create a blog design for yourself.

OR, you could purchase a Spruced Up Blog layout and get your site up and running in no time at all.

Website Design is my jam!

I run multiple blog based businesses myself. I get you.

With blog based businesses mind, I build every Spruced Up Blog layout to be SEO optimized, responsive in all formats, and I make sure that each layout contains the page elements you actually need. 

In other words, Spruced Up Blog layouts will make your blog seem as if you had it custom created for your success without the hefty price tag.

Go From This
Go From This
Go From This

To This
To This
To This

You won’t reach your goals if you never move forward. You won’t move forward if you never take action. It’s time to change your life!

-Me (Your trusty template designer)

Magnolia Is Perfect for You if....

Magnolia Is Not for You If...

You Aren’t Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level 

Our layouts aren’t cheap. We know that. But, the price tag reflects everything you will get out of them. These layouts can help launch your business to new heights. 

Your website is the display window to your business and our templates will make your business look like the authority it deserves to be recognized as.  

If you aren’t yet ready for that, hold off on buying one of our templates for now. Figure out your business plans and then come back to Spruced Up.

We will be here waiting!

Have Some Questions?


The Spruced Up blog templates are made for WordPress bloggers using a page builder called Elementor. 

All the templates are super easy to customize to

Elementor is a page builder. This means that with this WordPress plugin you can easily make visually appealing and responsive pages without any coding necessary. 
Yes, you will need a blog theme. However, if you use Elementor Pro it does have a theme builder option. That means you can install this free theme ( I use the free theme Hello Elementor) and then use Elementor Pro to actually customize your site.

Elementor has a free and a Pro option. I suggest purchasing the Pro option because it comes with more advanced features. These features are:

  • 50+ Pro Widgets including embedded forms, portfolios, price tables, media carousels, navigation menus, and more!
  • Theme Builder. This will allow you to easily create a custom header, footer, and pop-ups.
  • 10+ Full Website Templates


I do not suggest purchasing my templates until you purchase Elementor Pro. A lot of my template layouts use Pro features. I want you to be able to get the most out of your purchase.

Plus, if you would like to use Elementor as a theme builder to design your header and footer you will need the Pro option.

If you purchase Elementor Pro you will get access to several customizable templates with your subscription. However, most of these are not geared towards bloggers and are not always as visually appealing as you may like. 

I have created my Elementor Templates with modern bloggers in mind. Each template is easily customizable and comes with written and video walkthroughs. Basically, I have cut out the entire learning curve plus the work and created the finished product for you. You just need to plug in your text and colors.

In the past, I have designed sites for customers with Elementor, but I found that it was extremely time-consuming and expensive for my clients. 

I created these templates so that you would have an affordable option to get your dream blog.

Honestly, this is the product I wish I had when I started blogging. It would have saved me about a year spent trying to figure out how to design my blog without knowing any coding. It also would have saved me a lot of money in buying different themes trying to find one that actually worked for my blog. 

There is a learning curve, as there is with any new software. However, with my template walkthroughs, you will be well on your way to Elementor stardom in no time!
Yes, the one negative I have found is that page builders do slow down your site a bit. I went through a period of time when I was obsessed with my blog site speed and I was scared to use a page builder. However, by optimizing my settings (which I teach you how to do in the walkthrough of each of my templates) I have been able to keep my site speed super high on both desktop and mobile.
Yes! All the Spruced Up blog templates are optimized to look amazing on both tablets and mobile.

I have created an amazing resource library that can usually answer most tech questions. However, my team is always available by email to answer all your questions. They are amazing!

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer custom WordPress templates. We just do not have the time. 

Good question. Just follow this link to purchase Elementor Pro. I suggest purchasing the Personal subscription for now. If you need to, you can always upgrade your subscription later. 

You will then enter your contact and payment info. After clicking “Checkout” you will receive an email with info on how to log into your account. 

When you log into your account scroll down to where it says “Download Plugin”. The plugin will download as a .zip file. 

Then, in your WordPress account go to plugins and click “Add Plugin” “Upload Plugin”. You can then upload your zipped Elementor file. 

Once installed, you will need to add your license key and you will be good to go!

Step 1: Check out the library of all our Spruced Up Templates.

Step 2: Pick a template that you think will be perfect for your blog.

Step 3: Purchase your template. You will receive an email with instructions for uploading your new template onto your site along with access to our Resource Library

Do You Have Some Questions Before Purchasing?

Real talk, purchasing one of our templates is a big investment, we totally get it because we’ve been there!

If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

We are happy to help you decide if a Spruced Up template is right for you.